1970-90 Aged Tea House Blend Pu-erh Tea

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This is a special blended tea which consists of aged bricks, cakes, loose sheng and shu teas which have been collected and added to over many years and have aged together in HK. This tea is smooth and dry stored so there is no musty taste. This tea ranges from 1970 to 1990 and shows many different types of leaves from different eras.
From a tea house or restaurant rich with history of tea.

This tea is some special aged blended tea that has been Hong Kong aged and is smooth and herbal tasting. The tea flavor has almost faded to the background of a much more woody and light taste that delivers for its age. When the leaves are wet it is easier to feel the age on these teas, which are quite old. No one is really exactly sure what had been blended, so every cup is really a new roll of the Dice.