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Certified Kosher by Rabbi Yechiel Steinmetz

What is kosher? This is a question that many people ask and whose answer is often misunderstood. In Hebrew the word "kosher" means fit or proper. Kosher is concerned with the dietary laws that are explained in the Torah (The Old Testament). There are only certain animals that are Kosher to eat. The criteria that distinguish a kosher from a non-kosher animal are delineated in the Torah. These criteria are spiritually based and not related to the cleanliness of the animal, as some believe. If an animal is not kosher, neither are that animal’s by-products. This also means that these non kosher animal products cannot come in contact with a kosher product. It is this type of purity that kosher certification offers. Our teas are pure and unadulterated and are all therefore inherently Kosher. Buy with confidence and ask your local Rabbi.

We at Generation Tea understand the great benefits and pleasures of Chinese teas and are also excited to offer these products into Jewish and other communities that seek out kosher foods. We offer pure teas that have not been added to in any way. The teaproduction process assures that the leaves are unadulterated and natural. We select all our teas with these laws in mind. These teas can become a healthy addition to any diet and lifestyle. We are pleased to bring you the finest teas China has to offer. Buy tea online! It has never been any easier. If you want to learn about the different types of premium kosher tea we offer, visist our learn about tea page.