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Teaware : Yixing Teapot, Antique Yixing for Chinese Green Tea

For centuries in China tea has been brewed in small teapots now commonly known as Yixing or zisha (purple clay). These unglazed clay pots hold from 4 ounces to 12 ounces (7 or 8 oz on average). Yixing Teapots have a long and rich history and are often collected and treasured by their owners. Each pot is a small work of art. Some pots designed by famous artists are truly unique.
This zisha clay has the unique ability to slowly absorb the flavor of the tea. It is unglazed and kiln fired which also acts to sterilize the teapot. The porous nature of the natural clay plays a role in the final flavors of the leaves. Over time the tea is enhanced as the pot becomes 'seasoned'. A patina is built up which should never be washed with soap or scrubbed. Because of the clay’s absorptive ability, most tea enthusiasts have a different teapot for each variety or class of tea. A basic cabinet could have three teapots, one for Chinese Green Tea, one for oolong tea and the third for pu-erh and black tea. Some collectors have specific pots reserved for each tea they favor, to preserve the purity of a tea's flavor. Over the years a well-seasoned teapot can improve any tea
These are the teapots that are used for 'gongfu tea’ that is brewed by using greater amounts of leaves with very short steeping times. The liquor (liquid) from this method is unsurpassable in aroma and richness. This method works especially well for oolong and green teas. Besides a collection of teapots we also have teacups and trays which are made of the same famous zisha clay.
Each of our teapots have a special handmade artistry which make them so endearing. Using a teapot is an efficient and enjoyable way to create the finest flavors from our tea collection. Drinking from the small cups is always a big hit with children who really enjoy the whole tea preparation and drinking experience of premium teas. Children are also part of Generation Tea.