1960's Guang Yun Imperial Green Beeng Cha

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This old cake from the early 60's is made from leaves from Yunnan that were brought to Guang Dong Province for processing. This practice continued into the 1990's and produced a sought after and collected series of green Pu-erh's.

This cake is 50+ years old and had lost all the scent of tea. This shows good aging in a good environement. This tea is similiar to the famous Blue label editions of the 1950's. The taste is light and the brew is amber brown and almost sparkles. The leaves come from the Dai district (where the Blue label was also picked). The processing and compression, though, were in Guang Dong. This was the practice during the Cultural Revolution and it has made this a famous tea. We are happy to offer this fine antique cake. There are no wrappers on this tea, as they were produced with no wrappers, only the inner label with the well known tea TM. Made from 3-4 grade leaves which exhibit a deep brown color, even after many steeps. Weighs about 340 g and makes about 75 servings of this coveted tea.