1980’s Tong Xing Hao Green Beeng Cha - 350g

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This cake is made from an old Tong Xing factory With special Thick paper. This cake is rich, smooth and slightly camphor tasting all with a very full bouquet. This recipe of tea production creates an almost malty taste as the leaves are carefully and mildly oxidized during drying. This tea has had a nice amount of time to age is and very drinkable.

Tong Xing factory is famous for producing high-end high-quality Pu'er tea. It was founded in the 10th year of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty (that is, 1732 AD).
It appeared in Yiwu almost simultaneously with the Tongqing, Qianlizhen Songpin, and Fuyuanchang, and they were called the local "four major families".

"Tongxing" is the oldest tea house in Yiwu tea area. In the early days, like the tea houses of Tongqing and Jingchangchang, it was famous for its refined high-end Pu'er tea.
There are not many old tea products at Tongxing Tea House in the market, but they are known for their excellent and reliable quality. They are one of the favorite tea products for ordinary Pu'er tea drinkers.
No matter in the early or late period, the inner neifei of Tong xing yuan tea is printed with "The heart of Yiwu Yiwu leans against the white tip buds on the top of Lian Song",
It means that Tongxing tea is made from the white-tip sprouts from the tea garden on the top of the tea mountain Mansong.
Tung Xing is known as the highest quality tea cake in Hong Kong because of its excellent production, full budding, fine workmanship, kneading, and golden bud strands of leaf base. It is a rare high-quality old tea like Lapsang.

This type of Tongxing Laosheng Cake has long, slender and strong strips. After long-term storage, the cake has a deep chestnut surface with golden buds and thin tea stems.
Rich pectin, sweet and sticky cup, tea is sweet, saturated and smooth, with multiple layers,
The tea soup has a rich taste of Tongxing border ginseng oak, which has a unique tea astringency that is transformed from raw tea, and it feels smooth in the throat; it has sufficient aging period, thick water and good tea quality.

From the smell of ginseng incense from the orthodox old Hong Kong warehouse when it was opened, the classic outer bamboo shell Tongxing packaging (printed with the classic word Tongxing), all the way to every large box There is a unique Tongxing tea factory woven bag,
Coupled with the rare "tea oil yellow facial paper" as the outer packaging of the cake, these are the unique features of this Tongxing number.