1990's Xiaguan Tibetan Mushroom HK- 240g

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This is a tea made in the mid 90's and is made from the special Tibetan fermentation formula. Xiaguan factory is well known for making this special tea. The leaves are moderately compressed and can be broken off by hand. This tea has a realy great earthy taste on the beany side. Quite desirable and good for 5 or more good infusions.This Jin Cha or Mushroom (or called Tibetan Flame) shaped tea is a long time favorite of the Tibet. It is produced in the Xia Guan factory and usually sold as Bao Yan brand. This tea tastes quite special now, but it will get even better over time. Try some special Mushroom tea?? Make 50 or more servings, with inner Tibetan paper insert. This is an earthy and tasty tea. Aged in HK.