1990's Iron Cake Traditional Characters 8653

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This early 90's raw (green) cake is from the Xia Guan factory and is wrapped with the thin silk lined paper which was used for this series of 8653 Pu-erh's. A worthy addition which is smooth and infuses many times.This Zong Cha brand beeng cha was made at the famous Xia Guan factory. The traditional Chinese lettering wrappers began being used in the mid 1980's, before that was the Simplified Chinese Character Xia Guan Iron cakes of the 70's-80's. This classic edition is nicely aged, smooth tasting and will even get better over time. The wrappers are in very nice condition also. Iron cakes were compressed with an iron mold, so they tend to be more compressed than other beeng cha's. One cake yields about 75 servings.