1980's Ying Ming Special Taiwan Beeng Cha Pu-erh Tea 390g

1980's Ying Ming Special Taiwan Beeng Cha Pu-erh Tea 390g

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This special cake has an interesting history. It is made in the 80's in the original Tong Xing Factory, but has about 10% old Ying Ming cakes from the 60's. Now after 30 years of aging it is an interesting and historical Pu-erh Tea.

Ying ming was the customeized product by a japaness family, Hidetoshi family (In chinese we called Ying Ming) in the early 1930's. The factory who made the tea was the famous tea factory- "Tong Xing". When the sino-japanese war started in 1937, the ying ming stopped to export to Japan, then left only 300 piece of ying ming in China.

Several years later, the sino-japanese war finally finished. The later genereations of Ying ming went to China to get the ying ming round back, only left 80 piece of ying ming in China.

In 1980's, when some of Taiwan businessmen went to Yunnan looking for tea, they accidentally found out the 80 ying ming. after that, when the later generations of Tong Xing knew about that, they negotiated with the businessmen and started have an idea: To recreate the Ying Ming with the 80 piece of Ying Ming.

But how could they recreate many old ying ming with the only 80 piece of ying ming?

A Cantonese tea businessman gave an idea to Tong Xing: what about to mix some aged loose tea together?

Therefore, they steam-broke the 80 ying mings to loose tea, the added 10kg of 1960's GuangYun loose tea and 1980's Lincang FuLuGong loose tea together. Finally, they had recreated this 1980's Ying Ming successfully; from 80 pieces to 800 pieces. Then, the pu erh world had started in Taiwan.