1980's Purple Sky

1980's Purple Sky "Zi Tian" 8592

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This special cake comes from the mid to late 1980's and is made from a special formula with a blend of cooked to create a uniquely balanced flavor. Menghai factory 350 grams. Nice aging after nearly 20 years. Very smooth on the mouth.

The wrappers of this special tea are hand stamped with the Purple Sky chop. This cake is very desirable and interesting in the world of Pu-erh.  The leaves are full and very defined. The leaves of the cake have a reddish color.This tea can be brewed many times and will transform its flavor with each cup. The tea leaves a tingle in the mouth which is a sign of quality. The brew is a chestnut red and very smooth. Please note that some wrappers may be partially disintegrated due to thinness of the paper and age. But the cakes are intact and whole. A real beauty. 350 grams. Purple Haze.