1960 Liao Fu Hao Ji Loose Leaf Raw Pu-erh Tea 1 oz.

1960 Liao Fu Hao Ji Loose Leaf Raw Pu-erh Tea 1 oz.

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This is a rare and coveted old loose leaf tea that comes from the Vietnam/Chinese border. This tea has subtle tastes of camphor, ginseng and Chinese medicine in the finest combination. Liao Fu Hao Ji tea has a limited availibility and is now a pure treasure. Dare to wake up these sleeping leaves? You won't be sorry.

Factory: Liao Fu
Harvest Year: 1960s
Type: Raw/Sheng
Harvest Area: North Vietnam border

The Liao Fu Loose tea was made by Liao Fu tea company, which was located on the border between China and Vietnam from 1910-1930. The last batch of Liao Fu Loose tea was produced in 1960.

This Liao Fu loose tea had no packing paper/bag to identify its maker and the information is limited. According to "Pu Erh Bible" written by professor Dan Shih Hai, there is little Laio Fu loose tea that exists. Most of it was exported to Taiwan in 1995-1997.

In 2010 at the Beijing spring tea auction, 179 grams of Liao Fu loose tea was sold for $62,800.
The taste of Liao Fu loose tea is very special. It has an earthy orchid/ginseng flavor and aroma. The color is a crystal clear, reddish amber. This tea, a product of dry storage, is smooth, to the throat. Later brews the bring out a distant sweetness. These leaves come from the Vietnam/ China border which give this tea its unique and coveted taste.

Ying ming hao, Liaofu and Wan Zi tea were all strong influences to Taiwanese old tea drinkers. These 2 loose teas had no packaging, no paper wraps and no trademark tickets. They came in big unmarked bags and were stored in HK for many years. The taste doesn't lie. It is a long lasting tea with many steeps. It is not soon forgettable.