Benefits of White and Yellow Tea

White and Yellow Tea

White teas can really be classified as a subgroup of green teas, but have recently gained a status of their own because of their high antioxidant content. White tea is a particular strain of tea plant that is known to originate in the Fujian province. It is now planted in other parts of China making it more available.

Unlike aged oolong or wulong tea, pu’er or pu-erh tea, and other antique teas or aged loose teas, white teas are not fermented. The leaves are steamed shortly after picking. White teas are left close to its natural state and offers a great choice for anyone seeking tea’s antioxidant benefits. The leaves of our Baihao Yinzhen consist of young shoots that were picked before they opened. It has a white downy covering and produces a light aroma when brewed. Yellow teas are processed slightly differently than white tea. Unlike white tea, which is dried fast, yellow teas are dried more slowly, producing a yellow-orange beverage that is extremely fragrant.

White teas produce a yellow hued brew that delivers a distinctive mellow flavor. White tea has been shown to have greater levels of antioxidants than other green teas, mainly because of the minimal processing that white tea undergoes. Some studies indicate that white tea may be 5 times more effective than green tea in combating cancer. White tea is also said to contain more caffeine than other teas. However, it is not the caffeine alone that gives white tea it’s healthful properties. It is the other micronutrients that work in tandem with the caffeine, which makes white tea so potent. White and green teas have also been shown to possibly help increase fertility in women. Whether you are looking for the antioxidant benefits of tea or just want something different, white and yellow teas provide unique flavors combined with significant health benefits. Buy white teas online and add them to your shelf of collector’s teas for something new.