Benefits of Pu-erh Tea

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Pu-erh teas or pu’er teas are known in China as "medicinal teas". Although green tea has gotten all the press, pu’er or pu eh teas are finally being enjoyed in the West. We believe pu-erh teas merit a place among the tea shelves of Americans.

The aged pu-erh teas we carry are from the Dayeh (large leaf) species of broad leaf tea trees of Yunnan, China. These trees are believed to be an older variety of the modern, smaller-leafed tea bush. Some pu’er trees can be ancient, the oldest known tree is over 2000 years old! We carry varieties of pu-erh manufactured in different regions such as Xiaguan tea and Menghai tea.

Pu-erh leaves are processed differently than green tea leaves. They are oxidized similar to an oolong tea or wulong tea, but not as long as black tea. The leaves are then dried loose or compressed into tea bricks, tea cakes or Tuochas that look like bird nests. For most Americans, aged loose pu-erh tea in this state is a unique visual experience. Some aged loose tea cakes have been aged in caves to develop their particularly earthy flavor.

Pu-erh tea has yet to be researched to the same degree as green tea, but what we do know is that there are health benefits unique to pu-erh tea. In particular, aged pu-erh helps decrease blood cholesterol levels and improves fat metabolism. We believe that as research on this tea increases, science will confirm the special metabolic stimulation that pu-erh teas offer. It is thought that pu-erh tea’s unique double fermentation may create special enzymes and microbes that offer the body micronutrients essential for better health.

Many coffee drinkers enjoy aged pu’er tea’s rich, deep flavors. Since pu-erh tea has less caffeine than coffee, it is a great alternative for those looking to decrease caffeine intake but still like a full bodied beverage. Tea also provides health benefits not found in coffee and is a great addition to anyone’s diet. One cup of pu-erh tea with each meal has shown to stimulate weight loss. We suggest trying the "Pu-erh Diet." Drink 1 cup with each meal for one month and decide for yourself. Antique tea will balance the body’s systems and stimulate a more functional metabolism.

Our pu-erh teas come in loose leaf and compressed forms. The loose leaf is easy to measure and generally milder tasting. The compressed Pingchas and brick tea are usually more hearty tasting. Made with fine leaves our dragon cakes are a high grade, smooth pu-erh. Some of the Chitsu Pingchas are aged and are quite strong and earthy. The pu-erh lover will enjoy these special cakes, although a newcomer to pu-erh may find these aged teas robust. Some enjoy drinking pu-erh tea initially. For others the deep red liquid’s mellow taste is an acquired one. We are truly fortunate to offer select grades of pu-erh that make drinking it a delight. Again, each collector’s tea has a slightly different character that actually gets better and smoother with age. We happily give you the opportunity to buy aged pu-erh teas online for your exploration and enjoyment.