Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea (also known as wu-long tea) is a variety of semi-fermented (oxidized) collector’s tea that is known for its intense and flowery qualities. Oolongs range from bright green and slightly fermented to dark-leafed and hearty. The greener varieties are less fermented and one can see the slight withering and browning of the edges where the leaves were allowed to oxidize. These edges are bruised through shaking to assist the process of oxidation. The tea is then dried fully, locking in the rich flavors that aged wu-long tea is known to offer. Oolong’s unique drying process creates a tea that has many metabolic stimulating attributes and can be used for weight management in addition to a well balanced diet.

Oolong teas or wulong teas offer a spectrum of flavors that impart unique notes and elegant bouquets. Some oolongs are light and sweet. A good example of this type of green oolong is our Formosa oolong. This tea presents beautiful large leaves that are tightly rolled. Tieguanyin is another favorite that we offer in several grades. These thick, shiny dark green leaves release a flowery, amber brew. Moderately fermented, Tieguanyin is a balanced and great all purpose tea. Wuyi Cliff teas are grown in Fujian Province where the weather is mild all year and the mountains are misty and cool. Nature creates an environment where many sub-species of tea trees exist and many distinct types of oolong tea are grown. Our dark Wuyi aged oolongs such as Dahongpao and Tieluohan offer rich lasting flavors. These leaves are highly fermented before they are twisted and dried. These more fermented oolongs are known to aid digestion. These offer a great complement to our Pu’er or Pu-erh teas for a balanced weight loss program. By increasing one’s daily tea consumption to 4-10 cups (5 oz cups) the body will perform at an optimum level with an increased feeling of energy and vitality. We are happy to give our customers the opportunity to buy oolong teas online and encourage your spirited explorations of all our antique teas and aged loose teas.