Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is what most people think of when they imagine a cup of tea. We have grown up drinking bagged varieties of black teas from around the world. Most (80%) of the world’s tea consumption is black tea. China’s major export of tea is still predominantly black tea. Black teas are fully fermented teas and have the highest amounts of caffeine of any of the collector’s tea varieties, including Liu Pao or basket Liu Bao tea, Liu An tea, pu’er or pu-erh tea, aged oolong or wulong tea, or other types of antique tea. Black tea also has the least amount of antioxidants and essential nutrients. In China these are also known as Hong (red) teas. Our full leafed black tea is a strong, deep tea that is highly satisfying.

Black teas are highly processed and undergo oxidation and roasting to create their rich flavors. Although they are processed more than other teas, they can still be a healthy addition to any diet. Research has shown that decreased stroke incidence in men was directly related to flavonoid intake, 70% of which was found to come from black tea consumption.

Because black tea has such a mellow taste it easily blends with other flavors. Many well known teas are, in fact, made by adding flavorings to black tea. Our black tea is unblended. It has a rich, full flavor. Whether you like it plain or with milk, this black tea satisfies any palate. Buy our black tea online today!