Benefits of Baozhong Tea

Baozhong Tea

Baozhong teas can be classified between green tea and oolong tea or wulong tea varieties. Steamed soon after picking, green tea is not allowed to oxidize. This quick drying preserves all the antioxidants and nutrients which have made green tea so well known. Alternatively, aged oolong tea or aged wulong tea is oxidized to varying degrees. What differentiates Baozhong from these teas is the special slow-fired drying process which allows the tea to lightly oxidize while drying. As a result of this processing, Baozhong tea retains many of the health benefits of a green tea and provides some of the metabolic effects of an oolong. Because of Baozhong’s great taste, we recommend it to those who find green tea too astringent but still want the enjoyment and benefits of regular collector’s tea and antique tea drinking.

Baozhong tea originated in Fujian, China. The tea is quite voluminous due to the special drying process which does not include rolling or twisting. The leaves are long and slender and retain a deep bright appearance when steeped. Many fine Baozhongs are now grown in Taiwan. These teas have a unique flavor because of Taiwan’s cool mountains and ocean breezes. Whether the teas are grown in Taiwan or China they all possess health promoting attributes and light, refreshing tastes. Buy baozhong tea online today to experience this flavor for yourself.