1978 Pu-erh Zuncha Brick Shu (Ripe) - Pu'er Tea

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1978 Vintage Old Pu-erh Camphor Flavor 220g brick. This Zhang Xiang (Camphor Flavor) brick is 35 years old and made from ripened (shu) Pu-erh from the Menghai area. The leaves show a very dark appearance when steeped, showing the cooking process and aging also. This is a great old brick that is smooth like a vintage Pu-erh. 220 grams

This 35 year old brick is made with grade 6 leaf that has been aged in the shu (blacked or ripened) style. This brick represents an early version of the then new found aging process to make Pu-erh drinkable is less time than simply slow aging the cakes. This brick is very breakable by hand (sometimes) and comes apart easily, which is a sign that the oxygen had worked through the brick in its 35 year history. It take 10 grams to make this tea come alive, but you will taste a bit of old flavor that cannot be reproduced. 220 grams due to aging. Vintage 1978.