1960 Tong Qing Hao Ji Yiwu Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea 1 oz

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Any words to describe the taste of this tea will fall short of its true taste. This tea represents the ultimate Tong Xing Camphor taste which is the hallmark of some of the finest aged teas. More than 55 years and perfect storage has done this tea right. A taste you will never forget. 1 oz

This tea is said to be made in the Tong Xing Hao Ji Celebration Factory with by a famous tea master named Liu Kui. The material is the famous large leaf Wild Pu-erh of the Yi Wu area. The camphor and ginseng tastes this tea delivers lasts for so many infusions. Even after 10 brews or more and a clear liquid there is still the camphor taste. The age of this tea has transformed it into a true treasure. The loose old Pu-erh's are a great way to taste these rare teas without the expense of a full cake from this era.Worth having to experience an ultimate Pu-erh taste to judge others by. 1 oz