1990's Keemun (Qimen) An Basket Tea  Anhui Black Tea

1990's Keemun (Qimen) An Basket Tea Anhui Black Tea

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This is a basket (An) tea that comes from Keemun (Qimen) area of Anhui Province. This tea is made from the leaves that make the traditional Keemun Black Tea. These leaves are much larger and not so compressed. They have the distinct Keemun flavor with the aging of a traditional basket tea. Keemun has a long history of tea from the early 1400's. Its main production area is in Luxi Cheng Village, Qimen County, Anhui.

The leaves are shiny and the taste is smooth. It has a woody and slighly sweet aftertaste. A unique basket tea worth collecting and drinking.

This is a special tea from Anhui County, China. It is specially processed and aged in these bamboo and palm baskets. This is like a black Keemun tea and then aged in Hong Kong for three decades. Liu An really needs aging from 15 years and over to really mellow and balance. This is one reason why this tea is so desired and collected. These baskets sat in Hong Kong which is known for its great tea aging humidity and environment. 1980 vintage. Basket about 450g.