2004 Awazon Green Pu-erh Beeng Cha - 350 grams

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A great gift tea..This fresh green cake consists of Qing Ming (Early Spring Picked) leaves which show a great whiteness and sweet aroma. Brews a darker cup than most greens. Picked from wild tea trees.

This Spring picked cake is the green material that ages with such grace. It is perfectly fine to drink as it is, and over the years, this will become a smooth traditonally aged Pu-erh that looks more red than green. Classic size of 357 grams is what Chitsu-Pingcha is named after. Chitsu means seven and these cakes were traditionally sold in bundles of seven, and that is the way we receive them even today. The tea is harvested from wild trees and is pesticide-free. Buy one to drink and save the other. Makes a great gift. Brew as a green tea with water about 160 deg. f so you don't scorch the leaves. As it ages you can use hotter water without worrying about bittering the leaves. Use two or three times with good flavor. Green, raw leaves.