1990's Fu Lu Gong Factory Green Neifei no wrapper beeng cha Pu-erh Sheng

1990's Fu Lu Gong Factory Green Neifei no wrapper beeng cha Pu-erh Sheng

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This is a great 1990's beeng cha with really nice leaves that has been dry stored in Hong Kong. There are no wrappers but there is a Neifei and each Tong has a single paper identifying the tea. There are also markings on the outer tong. Nice long lasting taste with good age and quite strong mouth feeling and aftertaste. Worth getting to drink or to age a bit more. (This is not the tea in the story below that is part of tea history, but it is the same factory)

Fu Lu Gong Beeng Cha cakes come from Yunnan Province, Fengshan Jing (High grade).The tea grows at more than 1,400 meters above sea level in the mountains, this grows a  thick tea.
Fengshan Chashan is located in the central and western Yunnan Province in Fengqing County.
Tea Story

In 1934 the Shunning tea factory was opened. It was later renamed " Fengqing tea factory ", Fu Luogong tea is made from Fengshan export tea Jing and this high quality tea was also known as " tribute tea. "
Fu Luo Gong tea and its distribution process, is famous in Pu'er tea world. In 1955 the tea traveled from Thailand (Bangkok) to Hong Kong, and it was then "Thailand Pu'er" for import, but after several years it was still not sold. Although there was not much interest by
Hong Kong tea merchants because there was other teas coming in from Yunnan. After a while it was bought by a merchant, and finally by the Central District of Hong Kong Stanley Street, "Lu Yu Restaurant". Covered with old newspaper this tea was piled in a warehouse  for over 40 years and was discovered in 1995 and was even then known as a Pu-erh treasure.

Adapted from
"Yunnan Tea Import and Export Company" on page 15.